Abstract submission

    Type of presentation

    Please select the type of presentation you wish to give. You may select several possibilities. Oral presentations and flash talks will be subject to selection by the organizing committee. Flash talks will be 180 second presentations aimed at advertising a poster. The deadline for submission will be May 13, 2022 for abstracts to be considered for an oral presentation or a flash presentation, and June 3, 2022, for inclusion in the abstract book.



    Please indicate in which session you wish to submit your abstract. In case of multiple choices, the organizing committee will assign your abstract to one of the selected sessions.



    (the content of the boxes will be collected in an excel sheet that will be used to prepare the abstract book)

    Please provide the title, the name and affiliations of the authors. The abstract cannot include any figure and should be less than 450 words, including references.

    Authors (for each author affiliation)
    Text including references (without figures)

    July 4-8, 2022
    Reims, France